Northern Ireland Transplant Association | Promoting the "Gift of Life" since 1991
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Promoting the “Gift of Life” since 1991


The Northern Ireland Transplant Association was formed in 1991.


By January 2011 we had grown from 2 to over 200 members.


Our group of volunteers aims to increase support for organ donation and assist those in Northern Ireland who have been affected by organ transplantation.

Transplantation raises all sorts of difficult, practical and emotional issues.

We exist to complement the information and support of medical staff. We are only a phone call or e-mail away, and can put you in touch with someone who has been through a similar experience.

Our group has three primary objectives

Increasing Organ Donation through promoting the Organ Donor Register

Supporting those affected by organ transplantation emotionally

Raising funds to help provide practical support to affected families

Your Stories

  • Claire Hogarth – An Interview

    Interview with Claire Hogarth who received a Heart/Lung Transplant in April 2003 I’m 40 (celebrated my 40th in June 2013) and I’m from B...

  • David Robinson Shares His Story

    On All Fools Day 1971 I had my first heart attack aged 38. During the subsequent 20 years I had a total of 9 heart attacks, a stroke when I ...

  • Mary Sweeney – A Mother’s Story

    “Hello! Come on in!” It was smiling Mary throwing open the half door to her fisherman’s cottage ready with a big smile and a hug that ...

  • Erica Ferguson Shares Her Story

    Prior to my liver transplant I was a busy mum and working in a thriving retail shop. Like every working mum I juggled work and family life. ...

Our Committee


Erica Ferguson



Alan Wylie



Lorraine Ritchie

Assistant Vice-Chairperson


Jackie Quinn



Kirsten Ferguson



Lorraine Cummings

Management Committee


Kay Johnston

Management Committee

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