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Your Stories

Claire Hogarth – An Interview

Interview with Claire Hogarth who received a Heart/Lung Transplant in April 2003 I’m 40 (celebrated my 40th in June 2013) and I’m from Belfast. I went to Our Lady of Mercy, Secondary School but left school in Lower 6th. I am the Events & Community Fundraising Manager for Friends of...

Mary Sweeney – A Mother’s Story

“Hello! Come on in!” It was smiling Mary throwing open the half door to her fisherman’s cottage ready with a big smile and a hug that made you feel she really meant it. It had been a lovely drive cradling the shore and winding through...

Erica Ferguson Shares Her Story

Prior to my liver transplant I was a busy mum and working in a thriving retail shop. Like every working mum I juggled work and family life. I was very fit and healthy. I exercised at home and enjoyed socializing. Valentine’s Day will always be a...

David Robinson Shares His Story

On All Fools Day 1971 I had my first heart attack aged 38. During the subsequent 20 years I had a total of 9 heart attacks, a stroke when I lost my speech and acute heart failure. The Medical Staff in several hospitals kept me...